Farmall Diagrams

Farmall 140 Key Start Conversion Diagram

Farmall 140 Keystart Conversion Diagram (1)

Farmall 140 6 Volt Positive Ground Wiring Diagram


Farmall 140 6 Volt Ground Wiring Diagram


Farmall 140 Flasher Switch Diagram

Farmall 12 Volt Alternator Conversion


Farmall 140 Headlight Switch Position

Farmall 140 4 Position Headlight Switch








Farmall 140 Old Style Headlight Switch


How to Polarize a Generator

Re-polarizing is relatively easy to do. All that is necessary is to briefly connect the generator armature to the battery hot terminal. The most convenient way to do this is to take a short jumper wire and touch it to the “Batt” and “Gen” terminals on the voltage regulator. At the moment of contact you should see a slight spark. This indicates that the process is completed.